Guitar Tuition

An experienced and very patient teacher, Jacqueline is available to help you experience the joy and excitement of  learning the guitar.

Jacqueline specialises in beginner and intermediate students and can teach you solid techniques that will put you in good standing for whatever style you want to play.

She has over twenty years’ experience teaching guitar & music theory. In addition to belonging to the Musicians’ Union, she is also an RGT registered tutor.

Jacqueline has been DBR andCRB checked, she teaches both adults and children.




One-to-one guitar tuition

Jacqueline offers one-to-one acoustic guitar lessons for beginners & improvers.

You can learn just for fun or take RGT guitar exams.
In addition to being a Musicians’ Union member she is also an RGT registered tutor.

Contact her and within a short time you could be strumming along to your favourite songs.

Some of the styles taught include:

Fingerstyle / fingerpicking
Chords & rhythm playing
Sight reading
Music theory

Private tuition is available at her home studio in Brockley, London SE4 (Zone 2).


Guitar Workshops
Guitar workshops are tailored to you group or organization.

Things that may be covered in the workshop, posture, tuning the guitar, fingerpicking, bar chords, strumming patterns.


Guitar Courses
Courses are tailored to you group or organization.


Sample Guitar Tracks
Listen to a small selection of Jacqueline’s guitar playing on SoundCloud:

  • Own Compositions
  • Other Guitar Pieces

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