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Mento Music

Mento is pre-calypso Jamaican music, crucial in the formation of ska and reggae. Michael Garnice’s site contains a wealth of fascinating information about artists recordings, tracks etc.

I have been learning songs from the recordings of Edric Connor, Louise Bennett & The Jamaican Folk Singers.

The Jolly Boys are a big name in mento nowadays. They started out in the 1940s but are still going strong!

Emmanuel Road  is one  number they do that the Caribbean Community Choir sings. These two – Rehab & Perfect Day – are mento versions of modern classics.




Caribbean Community Choir – Weekly Sessions Underway

Caribbean Community Choir
Caribbean Community Choir

Come & join the  Caribbean Community Choir for Friday lunchtime sessions at Crofton Park Community Library, 375 Brockley Road, Crofton Park, London SE4 2AG.

Have fun in a small & friendly group. Plus learn a new skill.

The drop-in sessions are suitable for everyone – you don’t have to have sung before & don’t have to come from the Caribbean.

Learn about the fascinating & wide range of Caribbean folk music that exists: Continue reading “Caribbean Community Choir – Weekly Sessions Underway”