Caribbean Community Choir – Weekly Sessions Underway

Caribbean Community Choir
Caribbean Community Choir

Come & join the  Caribbean Community Choir for Friday lunchtime sessions at Crofton Park Community Library, 375 Brockley Road, Crofton Park, London SE4 2AG.

Have fun in a small & friendly group. Plus learn a new skill.

The drop-in sessions are suitable for everyone – you don’t have to have sung before & don’t have to come from the Caribbean.

Learn about the fascinating & wide range of Caribbean folk music that exists:

  • The Caribbean area shares many common aspects in terms of history, but each island has its unique culture, history & language.
  • The cultural diversity is largely the result of the different European nations that colonised each island & the different people they brought there.
  • The first people to inhabit the Caribbean were Native Americans called the Carib and the Arawak. Very little of their heritage remains, but some of their instruments & music survives.
  • Amongst the slaves taken to the Caribbean came large numbers of Africans & their heritage of rhythm, instruments & dance can be found very strongly throughout the music in the different islands.
  • Significant Asian populations in some locations means you will find Indian & Chinese influences also.
  • Many of these traditional songs will disappear if people don’t preserve & sing them!

And if you have songs that you love singing, why not contact Jacqueline as she is always keen to learn new Caribbean folk songs.

Read more on the Jamaican Mento Music,  Caribbean Folk MusicSpotlight On Music sites.

Dates:  Every Friday.  New members’ induction – first Friday of every month.

NB  New members please check with Jacqueline before attending, as occasionally sessions have to be rescheduled due to other library events.

Time:  1pm – 2.30pm.

Cost:  £2 per week to cover songsheet printing, buying resources & other essential running costs (or just pay whatever donation you can if you can’t afford that much).


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